Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sophomore Year - Semester One

Well we worked very hard last semester in 3D Design for Games. We pitched concepts about a world in which the class would help create as a while. Each delegating out assets and using them to create a whole world based around this one idea. The idea chosen was Steampunk Greek Ruins. The narrative behind it was a greek civilization had moved into a location which then victorian steampunkers had found in the future and build on top of.

We then worked on level layout and design for player flow, leading them where we wanted them to go and creating an enjoyable, decorative journey where we showed off certain key sections of the level. We made lighting passes as well to make the the lighting was appealing and lead the player in the correct way.

The finished result was put together by myself. Credit of all assets except Rocks, Tree, Ground, Plants, Weapons goes to the GA_221_01 and GA_221_02 classes.
(c) Bryan Shannon, Emily Ambuter, Cassidy Aquilino-Berg, Shannon Berke, Paulo Boghossian Neto, Michal "Micky" Bortman, Mike Calandra, Caitlin Cox, Michael Curtiss, Colin Decarmo, Anastasia "Stazi" Evans, Maksim "Max" Golosiy, Dahye Kim, Kwun "Fred" Lam, Gudjon Larusson, Christopher Lewis, Esther Love, Connor McCampbell, Edgard Ortega, Moon Soo Park, Shawn Parkhurst, Erin Pickering, Michael Poe, Weber Roche, Christopher Rogers, Rebekah Rosen, Miranda Thomas, Thomas Trently, Zachary Weisman

Beauty Shot 1:

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